let’s all take a moment and appreciate how amazing aubrey plaza is

Now even i know that a 10 min video is aggressive for a blog with no following… but aubrey plaza is amazing so i had to post it. She’s pretty, she’s deadpan hilarious, and some of her best shit isn’t even in here. @evilhag… she’s a great follow.

Notes from the video:

  • The rolling back of the tongue… i can do that in my sleep. Maybe that’s because i’m an animal with no bones though.
  • 1:35… octopus boner
  • 1:59… haven’t seen this interview but you know right away that this guy is awkward city
  • deny deny deny
  • 4:58… underratedly funny story… “16” “SHE’S 20 I SWEAR”
  • 7:00… oh here’s awkward interviewer again.. and all of our suspicions are confirmed
  • 7:10… anna kendrick, another amazing woman ill blog about sometime
  • 9:59 to end… basically she’s the most honest actor/actress to go on a talk show ever

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